Mumble server

Server Upon the first connection you have to accept an "insecure" certificate. This is considered insecure, because no third party has signed and accredited the key. Being a smaller server I have made my own encryption certificate specifically for this purpose. This certificate ensure AES-256 bit encryption when sending text messages and AES-128 bit encryption for audio on the Mumble server.

I would like to ask everyone to register himself on the server upon the first login. This has several benefits and simplifies things at the same time.
  • One click on "Self/Register" in the menu.
  • No need for any personal details.
  • After registration, the server authenticates you without a password.
  • Other users cannot use the same name as you, aka your nickname is protected
Client The Mumble client is simple, it can be downloaded and configured in just a few clicks. The whole process takes about 3 minutes with an average internet connection.
The client can be downloaded from for all major operating systems.
Server details Server authentication details can be obtained from me in person. If you know me, you will know how to contact me.

Server address:
Port: 64738
Password: ********************